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Are Engineered Roof Deicing systems safe?

Our patented deicing systems are designed to eradicate ice and snow on your roof and to reduce the risk of winter damage. Each system is self-regulated and comes in a protective aluminum casing to not only prevent ice dams, but also shingle shifting, water leaks, or roof collapses. Engineered Roof Deicing products are not only safe to operate and guaranteed effective, but they also provide safety for your friends and family by eliminating the threat from icicles and heavy snow falls.

Are Engineered Roof Deicing Systems cost effective?

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The cost of severe winter damage can be significant.  Your home or business represents some of the largest investments you’ll ever make. Protecting this investment against interior damage and mold growth, due to water leaks, is good common sense. The costs of repairing the water damage will rapidly exceed the cost of prevention.

Snow load, ice dams and icicles cause shingle shifting, roof collapses, corrosion, etc. Falling icicles can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs, as well as, insurance claims and hassles. Our patented deicing systems will prevent all of these dangers and increase the lifespan of your roof.  The peace of mind you’ll have when your deicing system is operational,  is absolutely priceless.


Are Engineered Roof Deicing Systems energy efficient?

Engineered Roof Deicing heated roof systems are designed for maximum heat transfer or thermal conductivity and use the direct heat transfer from either a commercial grade, self regulating heat cable or an oxygen barrier PEX tubing to prevent ice dams and heavy snow loads. 8in-panel-thermal-imageThis patented process is extremely energy efficient and cost effective when compared to other open systems, such as zig-zag cable, which offers ineffective heat transfer and ultimately wastes money and energy.   Click Here to visit the Energy Calculator.


Are the products provided aesthetically pleasing?

IceFree Zone System_ 36 in CopperWe are able to customize our products, allowing us to design your system to coordinate with your new or existing roof.  Our panel systems are available in a vast array of colors. The decorative metal cladding, that we use with our products, creates an attractive finish that will enhance the look of your property. An Engineered Roof Deicing System will increase the value and appearance of your home or office—not detract from it.


 Do I need to take it off in the summer?

No: Engineered Roof Deicing panel systems attach to your roof and are designed to stay on year round.  We use 100% recycled aluminum alloy and long lasting, durable finishes, that keep your roof deicing system looking great year after year.


Can I install it myself?

Absolutely! In fact, installation is such a simple process that most of our customers bypass paying a contractor and choose to do it themselves! Our heated panel systems have been designed with the homeowner in mind.  Easy to follow installation guides allow the home handyman to tackle any size job.  We also offer in-house installation assistance with our expert system designers.  We have a network of contractors and dealers across the U.S and Canada, whose installation professionals can do it for you, if available in your area.   Click Here to visit our easy install page.

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How do I control my roof deicing system?

Engineered Roof Deicing Systems are best used with an ambient temperature or moisture sensing controller that automatically turns the system on or off as needed.   Systems can also be tied to a dedicated switch inside the home or connected to a timer for those who want more of a hands on approach in controlling the system.

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How do I know what panel I need?

Check out the “Which Product is Right ” section on our home page. It will walk you through a few questions regarding your home and the specific types of roof or overhang you have.  Or call us at 801-872-8800 and the friendly, professional staff of system engineers, at Engineered Roof Deicing, will assist you in determining which roof deicing system is best suited for both your home and your budget.


How is this different from heat cable?

Heat cables are not designed or warranted to prevent ice dams on your roof.  They were designed to help keep pipes from freezing up in the winter time or to melt small amounts of ice in rain gutters. They are extremely inefficient, unsightly, and simply can’t transfer enough heat to melt your ice dam problems away. Our patented products give you the best results and value by embedding a heat source like a commercial grade self regulating heat cable or radiant heated liquid and distributing that directly to the surface of our aluminum alloy panels.  This direct contact and large surface area of low-energy heat will give you the assurance and safety that your roof is protected against damaging snow load, ice dams and icicle buildup. No more problems, ever!

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Can it be installed on top of the existing roof?

Absolutely!  You do not need to remove shingles or modify your roof in any way.  Our patented roof deicing products were designed to be retrofitted to most any type of metal roof, asphalt roof or shake style roof.  Typically, if you are getting roof leakage or water damage only during the winter, you have an ice dam issue.  It can be fixed by installing one of our patented roof deicing systems.  If your roof is also leaking when it rains in the spring or summer months you have a more generalized roof leakage problem and should seek advice from a roofing professional.  For more information, check out the “Which Product is Right for you” section on our home page or call us at 801-872-8800 and the friendly, professional staff  at Engineered Roof Deicing can assist you in finding exactly which patented roof deicing system is best suited for your property and budget.

Is there any yearly maintenance?

Maintenance is very easy with your Engineered Roof Deicing roof deicing system.  We recommend turning the dedicated power to the system off  once the winter season is over.  Testing and turning on the system in the fall BEFORE the storms start coming is a great idea. Temperature sensors controllers and cables should be checked routinely to ensure they are clean, safe, and damage free.

How does it attach to the roof?

Our systems are simple and easy to install.  They can be attached by screwing and sealing the base panels to the roof with neoprene washer screws and roofing tar or by attaching the panels in place with roofing adhesives.  For certain applications, a double sided tape is appropriate.  See the Installation Guide for further instruction.

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Where can I purchase the product?

We are continuously adding more distributors and contractors to support our products in many areas throughout the USA and Canada.  If you contact us at 801-872-8800 or email us at [email protected]we would be happy to assist you with a system design and proposal that will solve your ice dam and icicle problems… Once and for all.  If you could provide us with pictures and measurements (they don’t have to be exact) of the areas you want roof deicing installed, we would be able to provide you with a quote for the material.  If the quote is within your budget, we can assist with a contractor to take care of the installation if available.

What is your guarantee / warranty

Engineered Roof Deicing and its suppliers stand behind our products and provide you with the security and comfort of an industry- leading product warranty.  Through this Limited Lifetime Warranty, Engineered Roof Deicing will only be responsible for replacement of or payment for, the cost of  any IceFree Eave Panel or Zone System material that fails to perform to its published product specifications.  For further details, CLICK HERE to see complete warranty information, or you can access it on the Downloads section of our website.


We offer a wide range of colors to match virtually any type roof.  These color samples can be found on our website.  If finding the exact match is important, we can also send a color sample to you for a nominal fee.


Do I need to do the gutters also?

If you have gutters on your home or property, we will always recommend using our heat cable to help keep them from freezing up with ice and snow.  Eliminating this buildup will provide a clear path for the melt water to drain from your patented roof deicing system and continue to flow through the ice free rain gutter and downspouts to the ground.

What are the lead times?

Typical lead times are from 2-5+ weeks, depending on the time of year the system is purchased and the choice of color.  To avoid delays, please order earlier rather than later.



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