Solve Ice Dam Problems on Commercial Buildings

Commercial Ice Dams

Ice dams, icicles, and thick snowcaps are a hazardous problem for commercial businesses, large homes, hotels, and lodges. Severe weather can cause building damage and, more importantly, injuries to customers or employees. Engineered Roof Deicing ICE FREE Zone heated roof is designed to prevent the unforeseen dangers and hazards that winter weather brings. Our top of the line products will effectively protect both your property and the public.

Engineered Roof Deicing’ heated roof systems help you save money, provide safety, help to protect your investments, and provide an added convenience to your lifestyle. Our team of professionals can provide an estimate and install your ICE FREE Zone system quickly and efficiently to help ease your winter hassles.

The ICE FREE Zone Heated Roof

Engineered Roof Deicing’ T-Zone products are energy -efficient and come in various aesthetic designs that look terrific year-round. Our de-icing system has an advanced aluminum casing that is built to fit the valleys of your roof. Heated cables run through the aluminum alloy to eliminate ice and snow on contact. Let us fit your roof with our heated technologies to make winters less of an aggravation and to reduce risk of danger.

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Solve Residential Ice Dam Problems

Is your home affected by ce-dams and thick snow build-up in the winter season?

Prevent Accidents Caused By Dangerous Ice Dams and Icicles

Wintertime ice-related tragedies are totally preventable with innovative products from Engineered Roof Deicing

What People Are Saying About Engineered Roof Deicing

“I’ve had problems with ice dams on my roof for the last four years. I’ve tried heat cables and an ice and water shield, but they’ve never worked. The Engineered Roof Deicing system I had installed performed just as I …

Why Choose Engineered Roof Deicing?

High quality, dependable rooftop de-icing systems suitable for use in all climates

New Products From Engineered Roof Deicing

Introducing T1 Heated Roof Panel, Valley Panel and IceFree-LeafFree for Gutters Heated Gutter Cover

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Save Money With Our De-Icing Systems

Investing in a Engineered Roof Deicing ice dam prevention system will save you money in the long run and give you priceless peace of mind right now A 100% effective heated roof system from Engineered Roof Deicing is one of …

About Engineered Roof Deicing

Provide safety and security from falling ice by preventing ice dams with Engineered Roof Deicing

Which Product Is Right For you?

Keep your roof will remain damage-free through the harsh blizzard season

Ice Dam Photos

Don’t let ice dams and thick snow destroy your real estate.

Ice Dam Myths

If you listen to the news or do some research on the internet about methods of getting rid of ice dams along your roof line, chances are you’ll just be force-fed the most common solutions that have been floating around …

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