Clips, Caulk, Screws, Plugs

120VAC 20 AMP 30mA GFCI Plug Kit

Plug Kit

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

120 VAC Plug Kit
Product code: EGFI-120

240 VAC Plug Kit
Product code: EGFI-240

10 Foot Pig-Tail Powder Cord w/Molded Plug

10 Foot Pig-Tail Powder Cord w/Molded Plug

Product code: EPT-10

Roof Clip for Heat Trace Cables(10 Per Bag)

Roof Clips

The RCK-1 Roof Cable Clip is used to attach heating Cable to most types of roof surfaces. This kit contains 5 double clips, which is enough for approximately seven linear feet of roof edge. See installation instructions.

Product code: ERC

1/4″ Hex Head 1.5″ Screws with Neoprene Washers

Screws with Neoprene Washers

Neoprene washer provides a cushion between the panel and the steel washer.

Tam-Pro Premium SBS Flashing Cement, All Weather Roofing Adhesive

Tam-Pro Premium SBS, All Weather Roofing Adhesive

A heavy-bodied SBS polymer-modified trowel-grade wet/dry formula asphaltic cement.

Combining select refined asphalt, prime solvents, wet-surface additives, SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) rubberized polymers and extra-strength interlocking fibers, this material is precisely blended into a smooth thixotropic high-performance material.


Surface to be treated should be free of dirt, dust, oil, and other debris. Prime all metal, concrete, and masonry surfaces with TAM-PRO Quick Dry Primer prior to use.

  • Apply TAM-PRO SBS Flashing Cement directly from the container with a trowel or knife at a rate of 1 gallon per 12.5 square feet when applied at 1/8″ thickness.
  • Mechanical fasteners should be used to fasten the modified bitumen membrane per generally accepted roofing application guidelines on vertical or sloped flashings. Check membrane manufacturer’s application recommendations.
  • For cold-weather application, store at room temperature for 24 hours prior to use.
  • Not for use with APP (atactic polypropylene) or membranes that have a plastic or polypropylene backing.

Sonolastic NP 1 Polyurethane joint sealant

Sonolastic NP 1 Polyurethane joint sealant

Sonolastic NP 1 is a versatile moisture-curing high performance polyurethane sealant with permanent elasticity.

Sonolastic NP1 is recommended for active, vertical interior, exterior joints, including expansion wall joints, curtain walls, panel walls, precast walls, window frames, structural components, dams, spillways and stormwater drains. Substrates include concrete, masonry, aluminium and wood.

1/4″ 6.35mm Black Oxide Drill Bit

Drill Bit

Black oxide drill bits are designed for general-purpose, heavy duty drilling through carbon and alloy steels, aluminum, soft cast iron, wood, wood composites, and plastics. Product features include: high quality black oxide finish, high speed steel construction, and all drill bits are fully ground for superior quality.

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