IceFree Valley Panel

The system designed to be installed on the valley of the roof. When mounted to your roof valley, the system is designed to eliminate ice and snow, keeping your home safer and reducing the risk of winter damage. This panel is approximately 3″ wide and is guaranteed to heat the entire length of the panel. The valley panel can be custom built to fit the length of your roof’s valley.

The IceFree Valley Panel is designed to work with either 11mm or 14mm commercial grade self regulating heat cables.

Painted Aluminum Cladding

IceFree Eave Panels are available with a decorative metal cladding.  The decorative metal cladding provides a cost effective, attractive finish that will complement the look of your home.  The Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 cladding carries a 30-year warranty.


Material Selection

Aluminum Alloy 6063, Temper – T5


Decorative Cladding

Panel Size

3″ x 5′ – Designed to eliminate icicles and ice dams in roof valley and areas where a drain path is needed.

Heating Systems

Commercial Grade-Self Regulating Heat Cable (min. 5 Watt per foot in 100-130 VAC or 208-240 VAC). The IceFree Eave Panel 8″ Panel requires 2 feet of Heat Cable per foot of panel. Designed or 11mm or 14 mm heat cables.


The IceFree Valley Panel Includes: Aluminum Alloy Snap Loc Top, Aluminum Alloy Base Panel

Optional Items

Ambient and/or Moisture Sensor Controllers.  Self regulating heat cable for gutters and downspouts

Electrical Requirements

N.E.C. 426-28 requires 30mA Ground Fault circuit protection for snow and ice melting applications.

Attention: The IceFree Eave 8", 12" and 18" are not available in California.