IceFree Zone 24″, 36″ 48″ or 60”

The aluminum alloy panel surrounds the available heat source; the top, bottom and sides are in direct contact with the heat source at all times. This is the most efficient use of energy and offers the best results available. This system is an excellent choice for homes that are located in higher elevation, or for homes with eaves over 24″ or for those who prefer the attractive look of the IceFree Zone Panels.

Each panel comes in a variety of colors as well as copper, aluminum and now Core-Ten for a rustic metal look.

IceFree Zone Panels

IceFree Zone Panels : Roof Panel, Transition Metal, Drip Edge, and Zee Metal, 3″ Aluminum Alloy Snap Loc Top, 3″ Aluminum Alloy Base Panel.


Material Selection

UNA-CLAD Kynar 500 Painted Aluminum, 20 oz. Copper, Core-Ten and other specialty options are available.

Roof Panel Size

Panels come in standard 24″, 36″ 48″ or 60” High- Designed to eliminate icicles, snow load, and ice dams on roof eaves of any size.

Roof Panel Color Options

UNA-CLAD Kynar 500 Painted Aluminum coatings on the IceFree Zone Panels carry a 30-year warranty. Virtually any custom color is possible. For a true color representation, please call to order actual metal sample(s).

ICE FREE Zone Color Options

Panel Types

Custom Manufactured Modified Standing Seam or Batten Roof System.

Compatible Heating Cables

Commercial Grade-Self Regulating Heat Cable (5, 8 or 10 Watt per foot in 100-130 VAC or 208-277 VAC) or 3/8″ PEX Hydronic Radiant Tubing

*RHT Radiant PEX pipe is a composite PEX-b pipe created with the silane cross-linking method (similar to Zurn Pex and Watts RadiantPEX). It fully meets today’s strict ASTM F 876, 877 and NSF 14/61 standards for PEX tubing and has been certified for use w/potable water. RHT PEX is produced with a strong Oxygen-Barrier and can be used interchangeably for either heating or drinking water supply lines.

Other Available Items

Ambient and/or Moisture Sensor Controllers, Self regulating heat trace for gutters and downspouts

Electrical and Environmental Requirements

N.E.C. 426-28 requires 30 mA Ground Fault circuit protection for snow and ice melting applications


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