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Welcome to Engineered Roof Deicing

Welcome To Engineered Roof Deicing Inc.

::Roof Ice Melt Solutions::

We are pleased to offer PATENTED, innovative, high quality deicing products that make problems with ice dams, snow load and icicles a thing of the past for both residential and commercial applications across the United States and Canada.

Engineered Roof Deicing

Ice dams that build up on overhangs and around gutters can result in extensive damage to your structure and endanger the safety of your family or customers

At Engineered Roof Deicing, we provide custom solutions that will prevent ice dams, snow load and icicles on your home or building FOREVER. Adding more insulation, ventilating an attic, installing zig-zag heating cables, or even the installation of a new roof will not solve the problem… Ice dams will always come back.

We design and engineer innovative, total deicing systems that look great year-around, are easily installed, and are guaranteed to keep your home and family free from the dangers of ice dams and icicles.

Engineered Roof Deicings’ roof snow and ice melting products provide convenience by giving peace of mind to our customers, knowing that their homes or businesses are prepared for winter.

The 4 Major Benefits of Installing Roof Ice Melt Panels & Deicing Products from Engineered Roof Deicing

  1. They provide safety
  2. They protect your investment
  3. They save you money
  4.  They provide convenience

We invite you to browse through our site and learn more about these benefits along with the details about our patented, innovative home and business deicing products. You don’t have to worry about ice dams and icicles anymore! Contact Engineered Roof Deicing Inc… TODAY.

Contact us for more information regarding our patented, innovative heated roof panels, roof deicing systems, Roof ice melt systems and heat cable materials,  CLICK HERE

CONTACT Engineered Roof Deicing Inc for more information about our Patented IceFree Product lines and how to save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on your very own, patented roof deicing system..  EMAIL or CALL NOW!       801-872-8800

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IceFree Heated Roof PanelsThe Patented IceFree product line offers a superior design which enables Direct Heat Transfer, making Engineered Roof Deicings’ products the most energy efficient deicing products available.  The separation between the snap-loc top and base unit are engineered within tight tolerances.  This separation eliminates the characteristics of a cover panel supported by the base panel, yet enables direct heat transfer or direct thermal conductivity to occur between the heat source and aluminum alloy thermal panels.  No other product designed, manufactured or sold is comparable to the exceptional quality and outstanding performance of the products offered by Engineered Roof Deicing Inc.Engineered Roof Deicing

Our revolutionary extruded panels have slots designed for specific size heat cables or tubing.  The graphic, to the right, shows the recommended placement of the heating cable and radiant tubing.  Installing heating  cables in the incorrect slots is not authorized by Engineered Roof Deicing Inc.

  • Cable Placement Example: “Blue”       (11mm) Self regulating heat cable for gutters and downspouts, such as, Wintergard H612 & H622, Nelson CLT-5, 25 & 8, 28 brand cables.
  • Cable Placement Example:  “White” (14mm) Self regulating heat cable for gutters and downspouts, such as Nuheat, Raychem and Thermon brand cables.
  • 3/8″ Hydronic PEX tubing:  Utilizes 40% glycol for the most energy efficient roof deicing systems available.


Contact us now!  

801-872-8800 / [email protected]

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Products are protected by United States Patent No. 8,607,509

Attention:  Our Patented roof deicing products are the finest available.  Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have regarding competitive products.

A disclaimer:  Some marketing material, such as pictures, PDF’s or data sheets, may depict an older version of panels that are no longer manufactured.



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