High-quality deicing products that make problems with ice dams, snow load and icicles a thing of the past!

Change The world


There are 3 major benefits of installing Ice Melt Panels & Deicing Products from us.

01. Provide Safety

Protect your family from physical harm by preventing falling ice and snow, mold spores, and slick ice deposits on the ground.

02. Protect your Investment

Protect your investment by preventing costly water damage, water stains and mold.

03. Save You MOney

Save money by using less electricity and by preventing repair costs associated with water and ice damage to roofs & decks.

Patented IceFree Products

Our products effectively prevent the formation of ice dams when other products fail.

Our Patented IceFree product line offers a superior design which enables Direct Heat Transfer, making Engineered Roof Deicings’ products the most energy efficient deicing products available.

Our revolutionary extruded panels have slots designed for specific size heat cables or tubing. No other product designed, manufactured or sold is comparable to the exceptional quality and outstanding performance of the products offered by Engineered Roof Deicing.

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